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Background: By default, Mac OS As a result, users may be unable to install or run some applications downloaded from the internet or stored on physical media, and the error below is displayed: In the meantime, Users can follow the directions below to prevent this error message from appearing Directions: Open the System Preferences.

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Enter your username and password into the prompt that appears and click Unlock. Under the section labeled Allow applications downloaded from: , select Anywhere. Enter your email address below:. When the screen is unlocked by entering a password, the 10 min. One thing that remains unanswered is if this new lock screen will actually keep the Mac awake indefinitely. As far as I know, my Mac goes to sleep after a while when the screensaver is enabled using hot corners at least the screen turns off after a while — even with Caffeine app activated.

That part is really annoying if you want to lock the Mac, but keep it running e. Is there any way I can keep my Mac on while locked and also avoid the screen from turning off? If you set sleep to never, then using screensaver lock ensures it never goes to sleep, keeping it available for remote access. Who the hell would chose to do more work to do the exact same thing!!!! Not to mention if you forget to lock the screen, you can set an idle time that will do it for you!! I also set the Password Required to 5 Seconds after screen saver begins.

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So, when I walk away, pressing the 4 keys immediately starts my screensaver and 5 seconds later requires password or Apple Watch to unlock. I have always used the Keychain. Simple, straightforward and works on any macOS.

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Is there any difference between locking the screen in Sierra from the Keychain. So I decided to re-assign the command to something else. Lock Screen or Sleep are two useful possibilities:. System Preferences 2. All Applications 4. Add the Text exactly: Lock Screen or Sleep in my case 6.

13 macOS Catalina problems: Reasons and Fixes

I may take a few minutes for the new shortcut to become available. Did you say that it is possible to change the shortcut to activate Screen Lock? I searched in various places in the settings and did not find it. Could you guide me? Thank you. Again, I have to question who at Apple makes these idiotic decisions to put this kind of crap in the newer OSX versions.

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I love my mouse to the hot corner and the screen and computer are locked, end of story. No go to a menu drop down and click anything. How to reset PRAM 1. Shut down your computer 2. Press the Power key 3. Hold down the keys until your Mac reboots 5.

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Let go of the keys To reset SMC. Turn off your Mac 2. Hold the buttons for sec 4. When you see the " macOS Catalina cannot be installed on Macintosh HD " message, this sometimes means that there is not enough disk space for the new macOS. Therefore, you need to free up some space on your Mac. How to free up space? Move your largest files onto an external drive — will take you about 20 minutes. Or if it looks like too much fuss, free up your storage with CleanMyMac X.

So your installation has started but seems to be stuck on the initial screen. What can you do? This error usually appears when the download has finished. Apparently, it has something to do with cached content associated with your user account.

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The first attempt to download Catalina would often return the same error. Now it should be ok. The situation looks like this: macOS Catalina has completed the install, and after you restart your Mac it is stuck on login screen. What to do?

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As one user pointed out, the problem may be caused by 3d party kernel extensions or kexts. As confirmed by many users, this fixes macOS Catalina stuck on reboot problem. The bit apps will not be supported on macOS Catalina, period. Sadly, they are not just some lo-fi indie apps, we are talking Photoshop! Did you know: Apple states that bit apps use memory more effectively and so will work faster on your Mac.

To have a deeper look into your apps, where they come from, and how much space they are taking, run the Uninstaller tool in CleanMyMac X. Launch the app and click the Uninstaller tab. In 9 out of 10 cases this helps solve syncing issues and sudden app freeze-ups. In anticipation of various macOS Catalina issues, some developers have already optimized their programs for the new OS. It automatically updates every single app on your Mac.