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Step 5: Move the. If you are not, please read our tutorial. Step 2: If you already have an existing Boot Camp partition, you can restore the disk to a single partition and start from scratch by clicking the Restore button in the bottom right-hand corner. You will be asked to submit your password and click OK before proceeding. Once the disk is restored to a single partition, click the Quit button in the bottom right-hand corner. Step 5: Adjust the size of the Windows partition.

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Ensure it is large enough to accommodate the Winclone image. Step 6: Click Install, and the Windows support software download will commence. Step 7: Your Mac will reboot. Step 9: Open Winclone, click the Restore image icon, and click the Restore Image button in the bottom right-hand corner.

Select the image that you created, and click Open. Step On the Restore Image to Volume? It minimizes the running of the different operating system simultaneously.

Yosemite: Avoid copying Windows System files

In such case, a 3rd party application comes handy which takes care of data backup on Windows partition. Note : if you are looking for a fast and reliable data backup option on the fly, then AOMEI Backupper is the best solution for that. Image Creation Here, you have two options for creating a data backup image: Drive to Drive as they call it or the standard backup that gives you the option to either use " Volume Locking " or the " Volume Shadow Service " since it is the system drive I'm backing up from within Windows.

So, the default selection Volume Locking is a bad idea in this case, as it does what it say's " locks the volume " aka drive.

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After swapping the disks, I booted immediately to Clonezilla to inspect that everything went okay. I then booted into Mac OS and everything came up fine. All good. Thanks so much for the tips! Struggled for three days trying different cloning programs and combinations of installations.

How To Backup and Restore Boot Camp Partition on Mac HD

Followed your instructions carefully. Worked perfectly.

Clone Mac with Boot Camp to a new Hard Drive

Thanks so much for posting your instructions. This fellow references your work good sir. He has another spin but requires more software. Thanks for the good stuff. Anybody still trying to do this? I successfully just did this using Hard Disk Manager 15 Premium boot up cd. It slightly favors Windows side in that it booted into Windows no problem.

How to clone bootcamp partition on Mac? - Apple Community

Next while holding alt during starutp to choose boot up disk there where 2. Windows 2. Efi blah blah blah. Number 2 Efiā€¦.. Hope this helps. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Go ahead and start Clonezilla and be sure to choose the source and target HDs properly and choose device-to-device and HD-to-HD for copying. This will take a few hours to run depending on your HD size.

How to clone and upgrade Mac bootcamp drive to a new SSD?

Read on if cloning to a bigger HD. I would reboot Mac OS X at this point. Follow all of the Windows prompts and do a full install of Windows 7.

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  • Now restart the Mac from the Clonezilla CD, but this time take the defaults up through device-to-device and then choose partition-to-partition copy instead of HD-to-HD. Again be sure to choose the correct source and target partitions.

    You will be copying your source BootCamp partition to your new, target BootCamp partition. The only way to identify which of these partitions is which, will be by the disk they are on, their size and their file system type. This will take a while again hours for me. At this point, you will still have the ability to boot either Mac OS X or Windows 7 by holding down the Option Alt key at boot time on the Mac, but the Windows partition will not boot it gives a disk read error , which is OK. It will tell you right away that there is a startup issue that needs to be fixed.

    Just cancel or close this window.