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For easy and smooth playback, it is logical to change the p MP4 video files to p.

How to convert 1080p to 720p?

To make your MP4 video downscaled from p to p less of a trouble, you'll need a video converting utility. Video Converter is a great tool for both Windows and Mac platform that's capable of handling just about any video source in your media library. You can downsize your p HD video into p without changing the original MP4 extension.

You can convert the current MP4 format to and from any other format in your mind: The utility is also proud of its capabilities of tweaking output settings like codec, resolution, bitrate, frame rate, sample rate, etc. The following is a walkthrough on how to render p MP4 files to p for Mac so that you can put your videos on your device for playback without much trouble.

Just three simple steps are involved: If you keep wondering how this downsizing is gonna work, you're in the right place. In this article, we'll show you how to downsize your p footage to p on your Mac or Windows computer. And the tool we'll use is Video Converter for Mac for Windows , a powerful yet easy-to-use conversion tool with many advanced features.

Keep reading and you'll get trouble-free instructions below on downscaling a video from p to p step by step on your computer. Download and install the software on your either Mac or PC machine.

How to Convert 1080p to 720p?

In this tutorial, we take an iMac for example. Once you fire up the program, you will find all the functional controls are logically placed on the main screen and easy to use.

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To add a p file to the queue, click the "Add File" button on the upper left corner of the interface. You're allowed to load a whale of p videos and convert them all to p at one time. A more handy way to load your p files would be to drag and drop them onto the program's middle interface directly. Click "Profile" pull-down on the lower bottom of the interface, it will open another dialog that will list all the possible format items.

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The major reason for conversion from upper resolution formats to the lower one is that p is not supported by old devices as they have limited storage capacity but with increased resolution level the number of pixels get increased and hence videos demand more space for storage. We all love to watch videos on mobile but almost all latest videos are uploaded with full HD content on internet and our old cell phones cannot access them.

Thus it becomes necessary to convert p into either p or p so that you can watch your favorite videos easily on your old device. Now you might be thinking about how to convert one format of videos into others so that it becomes visible on your device.

How to Convert 720p or 1080p Videos on Mac with MacX Video Converter Pro

Actually this process is very simple as so many online converters are available on internet and they do not demand any technical knowledge for use rather anyone can access them easily. It is possible to download converters for free, access them online, pay for some quality converters or access them through wondershare facility. Each one of them has different features with unique pros and cons so it completely depends upon your requirement that which one will suit you best.

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Some of the most commonly used converters are:. Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate It is one of the most popular options for video conversions that can provide fastest and most efficient results. It has ability to convert all heavy files into smaller resolution video displays so that user can access them anytime, anywhere. It takes less space in your device as compared to other available converters and results in better compression of videos. Leawo HD Video Converter It is again the downloadable converter for your videos and is available for free.

It can provide you protected results for all video conversions. VideoHelp Forum Here you can avail online assistance for conversion of all video formats with high quality results. It provides high quality results with easy access to your desired content. As per reviews gathered from market, it is observed that online converters are not good option for converting videos instantly from p to p or p. As online converters waste your time in uploading of content; then they perform slow conversions and again you have to waste data on downloading the converted file so it is good to avoid online conversion options.

On the other side if you are thinking about free desktop versions of video converters then it can be little better than online conversion option because it can provide you comparatively faster results but again the issues are regarding storage space that you have to provide in your device. If you need these converters more frequently then it is good to go for paid one as it is faster, efficient and suitable option for you but if you rarely find time to watch videos and need converter very few times then these paid versions will be just wastage of money for you.

How to convert HD/UHD videos

Online is good for use once, small and only one or a few video. Online converter cost too much time.