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The routing table can instruct your computer to send network traffic for a particular IP or range of IPs to a certain network interface on your computer or a particular router. Viscosity allows you to add entries to the routing table when you are connected so you can direct traffic for IP addresses while you are connected to your VPN connection.

Normally when you access a website you'll type in a domain name into your web browser such as sparklabs.

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Most websites typically have everything hosted on a single server, and so all you need to do is determine the IP address of the server, and then enter it into Viscosity. While Viscosity also allows you to enter a domain name when specifying a route, it's still recommended you lookup the IP address first to ensure it doesn't resolve to multiple IP addresses. Larger websites typically consist of multiple servers, and the above technique may unfortunately not list the addresses of all the servers the website uses.

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This is because they may use multiple domains for different content, multiple servers for load balancing, and different servers depending on your location. For this reason we recommend seeking the correct IP addresses to use online by searching for the relevant information. For example, at the time of writing the following pages list IP address ranges for some popular websites we can't attest to their accuracy : Facebook , Spotify , Pandroa , Hulu , Netflix. Websites such as Robtex can also be used to lookup IP routes for websites if specific information cannot be found elsewhere, for example a lookup for Facebook.

When seeking IP ranges online, you may notice that instead of multiple IP addresses being listed they are listed as an actual route which consists of an address and a netmask. This usually looks like x. Both the IP address and netmask can be entered into Viscosity see instructions below. This allows you to enter a route that may cover hundreds or thousands of IP addresses instead of having to enter each address individually.

Determining what IP addresses an application uses is not possible for all application types, however it is generally straightforward for those that are. Several application types are covered below:. Viscosity allows you to create custom routes for your VPN connection that are automatically created when you connect, and automatically removed when you disconnect.

Both IPv4 and IPv6 routes can be created, but for this article we'll concentrate on IPv4 routes, which are the most common. A route consists of a destination IP address and a Netmask or Mask for short. If you are creating a route for a single IP address you can leave the Mask field blank. If you also have a Mask it can be entered as well.

This will be the IP address of the router on the remote network. Viscosity can also create routes allowing you to specify traffic that should go through the computer's normal network connection instead of the VPN.

Configure IPSec on OS X

Please be aware of the Netmask comments listed in the above section before adding a route. If you want to only route certain traffic through your VPN, you're going to want to prevent this.

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To do so:. This setting means all routes from the VPN server are ignored. By default, no traffic will be sent over your VPN anymore. This may cause issues if your VPN provider has a complex setup, however for the vast majority of cases where you want to control how traffic is routed yourself, this will have no adverse effects. Just remember, only routes you create in the Networking tab will be applied.

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Unfortunately there are limited third party tools that allow for application routing due to the complexity of doing so properly and securely. There are no known tools available for Mac OS X. Under Windows ForceBindIP allows an application to be bound to a network interface, however please be aware that we can't attest to how well it works, whether it is effective at preventing traffic leaks from an application, or offer support for it.

Toggle navigation SparkLabs. Products Viscosity Blog Company Support. App Support. We're here to help. This can be easily done by entering "Network Utility" into the Spotlight search field. I ended up with the following bit of Applescript:. You need to change "Work" to the name of your VPN connection, Additional networks can be added by repeating the final line with different addresses.

It's critical that you have your network interfaces sorted into the order you want them to be used. Sort like this. I have had a look online to see if I can find anything, and as far as I can understand you seem to want to be able to use your computer like normal, while also being able to connect to internal company websites, so, you may need to set up a custom routing table.

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