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Frank Williams, a Bay area native and former executive editor of The Source. He might have sold x amount of records, you kind of measure him from that level; but, the Bay, because it never really tried to be industry itself, has a different type of relationship than large parts of the country. He might not have had the same type of impact in L. But if you go into the communities, people know who Mac Dre is, and he gets his respect. Andre Hicks was born in Oakland, California, on July 5, , but at a young age, he and his family moved to Vallejo, a small city in Solano County.

He grew up in Hillside, a community located near the Country Club Crest neighborhood. The Crest, or Crest Side, as it was better known, was a low-income area that suffered from poverty, violent crime, and other symptoms of the crack outbreak. Dre began rapping at a young age, and, with his natural swagger as well as lyrics that primarily addressed the neighborhood, he found a local audience. Mac Mall remembers first coming across a teenage Mac Dre. I always looked up to him. He was famous from his demo tapes.

Despite the title, the song was a radio hit. Davey D remembers bumping it on his own various shows. Prior to that, we were doing college radio. On the college radio scene, we were pretty influential.

It was also a good song. In , Hicks was charged with conspiracy to commit bank robbery. To this day, his supporters staunchly uphold his innocence. Many felt the evidence against him was weak, while others assert he was set up. From early in his career, Dre had been running with the Romper Room, a tightly knit crew from the Crest. We started hanging out, selling dope, hustling, drinking, partying every Friday and Saturday night. Not really, that's what the girl needed That's game, I thought that you knew this Mack game, and mine is the smoothest Like lotion I'm in motion I'm a mack, I was a big ocean But no matter what the fuck your name is Nothin' nice is what my game is 18, makin' raps 'til I'm 80 though And too hard for the fuckin' radio "Tell me somethin' new" I'm too hard for the fuckin' radio Come to the Northside of the V The C the are the e the s-t Hit Lennard, what will be seen?

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Mac Dre Lyrics

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