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I am open to making changes. I have also made some changes since your post.

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This is great! Now looking for the most elegant preferably easy and free way to have this launch automatically everyday at 8 AM or so.

I don't want to add it to Calendar, I'd prefer the UI to remain otherwise invisible. And my Mac is always on or sleeping so setting it as a Startup item wouldn't really work.

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Great idea! Actually that got me thinking and I have updated the code with a plist file. Edit the plist file and change the list with your username. You should be all set. Apple's documentation says that even when you mac sleeps, the cycles accumulate and on awakening, executes it just ones. Is there a way to possibly maintain the last week's worth, in case we like one enough and want to save it?

Yes, that was something I am interested in doing, however that complicates the logic a lot. Lot of considerations need to go into that. I'll definitely try to figure out a way for that. Nice, I thought about doing the same thing just a while back. The problem is the resolution of these images are just x That's way too low for my Retina Macbook Pro. I tried it, and the resolution isn't actually that bad. Thanks for making this :. I have updated it to x I do not use the full scaled view, so it was not a big issue.

Thanks for pointing it out, updated. You need to place the whole folder "Bing Wallpaper" in the Applications folder in your home directory. Now start Automator and open these.

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Run them individually by clicking the RUN button on your top right. Might fail, don't worry. Save the app files. Run them again to see if the errors go away. Also ensure that you have python on you system should be by default. Actually your comment made me think of a better way to get this going.

I have therefore create a dmg of the folder. This should ease the pain. I got this idea from one of the Apple Support forums. Hope that helps. Cake Day.

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A simple Python script capable of batch-downloading and setting Bing picture of the day as wallpaper on your Mac OS X. So I wrote this script to do pretty much the same thing. Microsoft provides an API to get the images. This makes things so much easier compared to my initial idea, which was to scrape the webpage. PS: This is only a Python script. What you do with it is entirely up to you. Click here for more details. You can modify the Configurations section to set your own image directory and country code. Use -d or --download argument to download and save the last 8 pictures without changing the current wallpaper.

You might use this option if you want to change wallpapers automatically by adding the wallpaper directory in System Preferences. Licensed under the MIT License. Skip to content.