Strg alt entf for mac

What about rebooting?

These shortcuts are not mimicked natively by Mac keyboards but can be sent to the remote desktop or application using the Keyboard menu. Keyboards and the ways keys are configured can differ widely between machines. Citrix Receiver for Mac therefore offers several choices to ensure that keystrokes can be forwarded correctly to hosted applications and desktops. These are listed in the table.

How to CTRL + ALT + DEL on a Mac

The default behavior is described. If you adjust the defaults using Citrix Receiver for Mac or other preferences , different keystroke combinations may be forwarded and other behavior may be observed on the remote PC.

Certain key combinations listed in the table are not available when using newer Mac keyboards. In most of these cases, keyboard input can be sent to the session using the Keyboard menu. When client-side IME is enabled, users can compose text at the insertion point rather than in a separate window.

Citrix Receiver for Mac provides keyboard mappings for server-side Windows IME input mode keys that are not available on Mac keyboards. On Mac keyboards, the Option key is mapped to the following server-side IME input mode keys, depending on the server-side locale:. Full-screen mode is only supported on one monitor or all monitors, which is configurable through a menu item.

Users can now access the Desktop Toolbar in both windowed and full-screen mode. Previously, the toolbar was only visible in full-screen mode.

Additional toolbar changes include:. Citrix Receiver for Mac View PDF. This content has been machine translated dynamically.

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How to Ctrl-Alt-Delete on a Mac

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